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AnalogX NetStat Live 2.15

A useful tool to monitor your system and show statistics about network usage
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AnalgX NetStat Live is a very useful network tool. It monitors your system and shows statistics about network usage in real time. There is some basic information about your network interfaces as well, like network name, IP address, and device names. In my case the IP address did not show.

The stats have to do mainly with data uploaded and downloaded. That is what the application does best: monitor how much you upload and download in the course of a day or session. It also keeps the stats after reboots, so you can keep a track of how much data you move in a monthly basis. The interface clearly makes a distinction between incoming and outgoing data, with current speeds for both measured in bytes (you can change this in the settings).

There is a CPU meter at the bottom of the application, which shows the CPU load at the moment (current), an average, and the max.

The other tool available with NetStat Live is a ping and traceroute tool. It allows you to ping a host and prepare a traceroute report. However, you can't access all the information for the report. Instead, you see a summary on the main window.

All in all, NetStat Live doesn't show incoming and outgoing connections like the Windows' Netstat does. However, it is a very interesting tool that can be used based on the same principles to detect spyware and other bandwidth-consuming bugs.

José Fernández
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  • Nice interface
  • Collects data about your transfers


  • It doesn't show details about incoming or outgoing connections other than data sent
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